Nowadays, many people like to wear wigs, especially in special circumstances, it is more convenient and quick to wear wigs. However, if the wig is of poor quality and knotted, it looks embarrassing. Normally, the wig is treated well in order to be in a good state, so how can the wig be treated to be soft?

1. Use a shelf to store

Wigs want to be treated smoothly, and the usual storage is very important. When you don’t need to wear a wig, don’t put the wig aside, let alone fold it. You should comb the wig first, then put the wig on a suitable shelf, and let the wig be placed naturally, so that the wig can be placed better. If the wig is not placed properly, the hair of the wig will be messy and rough when it is worn next time.

2. Daily combing

Wigs need to be combed before and after they are worn daily, which is the same as a real person’s hair care. If you want to treat your wig smoothly, it is best to comb it every day. But it should be noted that, do not use ordinary plastic combs to comb the wig, it is best to use the comb that specializes in combing wigs. If you don’t have that kind of comb, you can use your fingers to comb it, which can also avoid the static electricity of the wig.

3. Wash like shampoo

Wigs also need to be cleaned, but the frequency of cleaning will be much less than that of our hair, but the cleaning process must be as gentle as when we wash our hair. Wigs generally do not produce grease, but they are contaminated by dust when they are worn. Therefore, the wig does not need to be washed frequently, and it is generally sufficient to wash it once a month. Furthermore, it depends on the number of times you wear it. If you wear a wig several times a month or two, you can wash it once every two months. If you wear it many times a month, you will have to wash it every half month.

Don’t use a hair dryer to dry: we usually like to use a hair dryer to dry our hair after washing our hair, which is very convenient and fast. However, the wig cannot be dried with a hair dryer, because the high temperature drying of the hair dryer will cause static electricity and frizz in the wig. To make the wig smooth, it is best to use a dry towel to dry the wig first, and then dry the wig in a ventilated and dry environment without direct sunlight.

4. Apply wig care solution appropriately

Our hair usually uses conditioner or hair conditioner oil appropriately, and wigs also need care. If you want to make your wig more supple, it’s best to apply wig care liquid appropriately! Regardless of the type of wig, you can use the care solution, which can effectively alleviate the dryness and frizz of the wig. Because the hair roots of wigs cannot absorb nutrients, they will also become dry after a long time.

The above is the method of wig softening care, I hope it can help you.