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Fsn Monofilament high-end creations are made from a gauze-like, fine-grade nylon material that is naturally transparent. Each strand of hair is tied by hand to the nylon materials. Monofilament refers to the type of wig cap. Out of all of the wig options available, it offers the most realistic and natural appearance of scalp and hair movement possible. Monofilament wigs are made by tying or sewing the hair in sections into the top portion of the cap, which is made from a very fine, sheer material known as the monofilament.

Monofilament Wigs

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Monofilament wigs are constructed by weaving. Monofilament wigs are the most popular type of wig for achieving a natural look. Monofilament wigs are made of a fine, transparent poly mesh material into which hair fibers are hand-tied. This mesh fabric is light and highly breathable, giving the wearer supreme comfort. The cap is usually constructed with a nylon or polyester mesh designed to be sheer and breathable. Each strand of hair is attached vertically, so when it lays on the scalp it will naturally part. The woven design naturally allows for optimal airflow throughout the wig. feels even after a long day of wear. The flexibility of monofilament also means that you can find options that include real human hair wigs. Monofilament wigs can be parted in any direction either fully or partially at the crown, or top of the wig.

Monofilament Wigs take on the appearance of a more natural looking scalp or skin tone and greater flexibility to style your wig in different directions just like natural hair. Mono Top Wigs are not only designed for women who want an exceptionally comfortable natural looking wig, but for those women who have experienced hair loss. Monofilament wigs are ideal for any women but are especially coveted for women with hair loss. The construction of these high quality wigs gives the look of real hair growing from the scalp. This makes our monofilament wigs look incredibly realistic! Hair comes out of the sheer, “see through” cap vertically, in the same direction as natural.

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